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Want To Build A Winning Brand In 2022? Head To The Metaverse

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The number of fictional influencers in the Metaverse (Web3) is rising. These fictional characters present brands with the same opportunities as influencers in the real world, and some brands are already using these influencers in their marketing.

Metaverse Provides Unique Brand Opportunities

The brands use computer-generated imagery to create avatars that participate in the same activities as real people in the real world. The only difference is that the relationship is digital. While this difference may seem significant, it really isn’t, argues Eric Dahan in AdWeek.

“For years, most people on social media have been interacting with accounts that are not really a person at all, ” Dahan writes.

The Metaverse allows for some unique opportunities, however. Kai, a digital celebrity and virtual influencer who created the most popular music game on Roblex, recently performed in seven virtual concerts simultaneously, for example.

The Metaverse allows brands to control their message better because they can create their own influencers. With the advances in AI (automated intelligence), these influencers can be lifelike and intelligent. They can interact with others in the Metaverse in ways that mimic real-life interactions.

Metaverse Also Allows for Mascots

Creating characters representing the brand can also make brands more relatable. Brands have demonstrated this principle initially through their real-world mascots. Now they are successfully adapting these mascots to the Metaverse. Examples are Barbie, a mascot for Mattel, and Colonel Sanders, a mascot for KFC. Anthropomorphized characters can interact with other characters in the Metaverse, similar to how real mascots interact with people in the real world.

However, the Metaverse can allow brands to personalize mascots in ways they cannot in the real world. For example, the Metaverse will enable brands to tailor their mascots to specific audiences and communities.

Source: https://www.adweek.com/media/the-rise-of-virtual-influencers-and-their-role-in-the-metaverse/

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