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New Crypto RoboApe Swings Into the Market

An exciting new crypto just burst onto the scene

A new meme token, RoboApe (RBA), has entered the crypto market and is being developed on top of Ethereum. The launch date for RBA was August 29. The total supply of tokens will be 900 million, and the project sold 270 million tokens during the prelaunch phase. The coin is deflationary, which means that its value will rise as the number in circulation falls.

The coin offers various incentives and benefits to its holders, including crypto cash to wallet holders for each transaction, a DeFi platform, an academy, and charity events.

“Rewarding Culture”

RoboApe bills itself as a futuristic token with “sustainable community development”0 and “a rewarding culture.” Like Bitcoin and Floki Inu, RoboApe charges a fee for transactions. Half of the fee is burnt, and the other half is returned to holders’ wallets. Users can also use and swap RBA across blockchain networks.

RoboApe will also offer an NFT marketplace, sports, and games, including community contests. Some NFT minting events will be free. Users holding RBA will receive additional incentives that the project will announce later.

Unique Features

RoboApe also has several unique benefits. One benefit will be the Academy, which is a free information hub where users can share articles and videos about the cryptocurrency world. Phase IV of the project will include charitable games and events and a merchandise shop with branded RoboApe merchandise that will be available only to community members.


RoboApe promises “your token, your vote, your community.” The highly decentralized project aims to ensure equality between developers and members in decisions about future development and upgrades.

A meme coin is a type of cryptocurrency that originated with an Internet meme or has some humorous characteristics.

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