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Exciting ICOs You Need To Know RIGHT NOW

exciting new ICOs

For the past few years, one of the largest stories in the financial world has continued to be the rise in prominence and quantity of digital currencies. While Bitcoin and other cryptos have seen a lot of volatility in 2022, many still consider them to have a very strong future. Due to this and continued demand from investors, new cyrptocurrencies continue to be launched under new Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). In 2022, there are various new ICOs that have investors excited.


Maxxer, which will be traded under token MXXR, shows a lot of promise to users of the coin. One of the ways that this coin will be separated from the rest is that it will have more of a social focus. There will be a social community that drives the coin. Further, the coin will be regulated and is designed to be much easier to understand, analyze, and trade. For those that intend to be frequent traders, there is also a built-in trading competition that will allow you to earn achievements along the way.

My Freedom Coin

Another new ICO that is gaining a lot of interest is My Freedom Coin, which will be traded under token MFC. One of the challenges with trading any crypto is that there is a lot of risk and always the potential for the coin to drop to $0. However, with MFC, there is a unique feature that ensures there is a floor price in value. Further, as more sales arise, it is expected that this floor will continue to rise.


One of the most highly-anticipated ICOs for 2022 continues to be TamaDoge. This coin is taking a unique approach to capitalizing on all of the excitement that has come with various memecoins over the past few years. This is also a fun play-to-earn game that will allow you to create, train, feed, and eventually battle your own NFT pet virtual animal. If you are able to win battles, you can climb the leaderboard and earn TAMA coins and other prizes. The company is able to raise prizemoney by selling products that can be used to enhance your own NFT pet.

As crypto continues to be at the forefront of investor’s minds in coming years, there are bound to be new ICOs that hit the market. In 2022, there are various new ICOs that will continue to have an impact on the industry for years to come. Three of the top 2022 new ICOs, MXXR, MFC, and TAMA, provide a variety of investment and entertainment benefits that help increase the excitement.

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