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Blockchain Is Great For… Messaging? One Company Says Yes

Blockchain messaging isn't the future. It's happening now

Nansen, a blockchain analytics platform, has been developing its application in the background stage for some time now. While the Blockchain is currently being used as a way to record transactions for the budding cryptocurrency market, its speed and validity of record-keeping have inspired a range of potential uses in the Web 3.0 space.

Chief of the blockchain efforts has been in regards to end-to-end encryption, which can be both used to deter potential cyberattacks on valuable information, and also as a way to connect users to one another in a way that is not recorded by the public eye. While current digital communication methods include Telegram, Whatsapp, and tech giant’s Facebook and Instagram chat, users are always wary of the prying eyes that are using the platform as a way to spy on conversations to optimize the advertisement revenue from media buyers.

What is Nansen Connect?

Nansen analytics will launch its flagship communication application, the Nansen Connect, which will have full blockchain availability and compatibility. This will not only allow users to communicate with one another on news and opinions that relate to the blockchain, DeFi, and cryptocurrency but will encourage developers to see each other as allies instead of rivals – smoothening the ridge of data transfer between interested parties. Nansen touts that this will prevent future vulnerabilities in both social engineering and technological hacking attempts.

Social Engineering

The process by which a user attempts to access sensitive information via utilizing positions of power, negotiations, or pleading to natural human tendencies to assist those in need or if there is an urgency present. An example of this was a discord moderator impersonator that recently gained access to information and the wallets of the Bored Ape NFT discord community. Blockchain messaging within Connect will deter and (ideally) completely eliminate this issue.

Invulnerable Encryption

While some extremely talented individuals can gain access to crypto wallets or accounts made within financial institutions, the blockchain is nearly impossible to penetrate due to its peer and developer validation and encryption. Having data hidden behind these impenetrable walls will secure and put at least those who wish to communicate about sensitive topics, such as account information or classified projects.

Connect Merges Communication and Community Together

The blockchain messaging app will allow users to create accounts via their crypto wallets, eliminating the need to store a username and password, which will reduce the vulnerability and further need to reset passwords within the network. Further, the data from the wallets will place those with similar behaviors and coins into a community-based chat group. Nansen points a finger to current messaging apps, that need myriad plugins to reach their optimal potential, bringing along behaviors and problems that require individual attention. Nansen Connect promises to be a native platform where groups can explore Web 3.0 capabilities in a safe environment.

When is Connect Launching?

Subscribers to Nansen analytics will be amongst the first users of the platform when it becomes available. At this time, it is not known when, but the groups that will be granted access will include holders of certain NFT collections as well. It is safe to assume that BAYC and similar Ape collections will be a favorable addition, as Nansen has recently purchased the DeFi tracker “Ape Board” to combine with its analytics for portfolio tracking within the encrypted application. Other collections have agreed to use Nansen Connect as their primary avenue for communication between its users – which include Clonex, Doodles, Pudgy Penguins, and a few more notable names.

Nansen is planning to add more collections over time to achieve a sustainable community of crypto, NFT, and blockchain enthusiasts and developers.

Source: https://www.coindesk.com/business/2022/06/15/nansen-seeks-to-reshape-crypto-messaging-with-blockchain-compatible-app/

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