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Blockchain Gaming Dev POQ Completes Full Unity Integration

A big move forward for blockchain gaming

Pocketful of Quarters (PoQ) a popular blockchain gaming developer, has announced that it has been fully integrated into the Unity platform to assist video game developers in their transition into the metaverse. The current metaverse landscape is estimated to grow to $8 trillion USD in the next few years with the introduction of Web 3.0, and PoQ wants to lead the way with its unique token and platform.

How Does it Work?

POQ provides its platform, quarters, in order to integrate players and developers into a cross-gaming experience, namely for those who want to procure an effective multiplayer environment. The POQ itself does have a token, but it is not considered an NFT and does not track the information of the player or the person who owns and purchases the token. This unique ID has made it possible for POQ to deploy quickly and without needing to report and adhere to certain financial, KYC, and due diligence platforms as it works more as a virtual economy rather than storage of value that is bought and traded.

The coins themselves will allow gamers to save their virtual wealth creations and transfer them across to the games on the Quarters platform through Unity. This is similar to a traditional arcade, where the tokens are purchased and can be used on any machine. This means that the connection with the metaverse does not need to be severed and reinstated if all companies agree to use the token on the platform. This will effectively increase the speed of transactions and help to carve out market share in an increasingly virtual and complex world.

POQ Coin Demonstrates Blockchain Advancements

The coin itself is different from other tokens – it is neither a traditional cryptocurrency nor an NFT. While those do have their place to connect a real-world and meta-verse economy, the POQ coin has no financial value that is tethered to the real world, but rather only sits in the environment it was created, sans the initial purchase through various means of transacting through the Unity platform: Credit card, Apple pay and etc. This represents a unique use of blockchain technology, whose only widely-demonstrated effort has been as a way to conduct proof of transaction for cryptocurrency projects within crypto exchanges.

The lack of financial buoyancy and volatility within the real world allows the currency to be seamless in its integration, meaning players do not have to worry about cashing out and having to report their earnings or fees to the regulators. The buying and selling of the coin is the only record present, meaning that multiplayer games with a large economy can be enjoyed by everyone.

What’s Next for POQ?

POQ wants to become the leading provider of its gaming economy platform, Quarters, which is to be integrated across multi-gaming channels and platforms. This represents an enormous breakthrough in the MMO landscape, as players can now participate in one economy, and transfer games with the same wealth. In essence, the characters you create and your virtual wallet are saved, providing a unique opportunity to have meaningful interactions and an immersive experience.

POQ coin is not made to be the sole solution, and the leadership team understands that. The coin must be flexible and adaptable, or else it will eventually be overtaken by another project within this growing landscape. POQ coins can be used alongside the native currency that the game may have developed, as a way to access premium services or to provide an alternative method of virtual wealth transfer.

Source: https://venturebeat.com/2022/07/07/pocketful-of-quarters-becomes-a-unity-partner-for-blockchain-gaming/

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