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4 New Cryptos To Keep Your Eye On In 2022

Hot new cryptos to watch in 2022

Bear markets have an effect on a macro scale, to put it lightly. With the market capitalization of the crypto market declining by almost 12% in just the last few months, many investors have followed suit and pulled their crypto investments from an otherwise diversified portfolio. Global tensions, the frequency of fiscal friction, and the decisions to further increase rate hikes by the Fed have completely shifted the attitude toward the crypto markets and turned them into traditional safer sectors, such as defensive rotations, fiat currency, or even gold and other commodities.

On the other hand, some investors hold true to the old adage uttered by Warren Buffett: “Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.”

With that, here are the top four new crypto projects that you may want to follow while the fire sale continues:

1. Underline Decentralization with DeFi Coin (DEFC)

With the race for Web 3.0 underway, blockchain developers and coin/NFT projects are looking for ways to break away from traditional exchanges to form their own set of unregulated structures in order to massively compete with the current landscape, attempting to eventually make crypto and the benefits of peer-to-peer transactions a reality for everyone. The popular decentralized exchange DeFi Swap is powered by the namesake DeFi coin, which rose over 300% following the exchange’s launch. DeFi coin has been in many headlines lately, becoming a darling and actively being watched as one of the fastest-growing coins in the community.

Of incredible note is the 10% transaction fees on both ends of the trade, actively discouraging token holders from short-term trading. You are further rewarded from the proceeds of these fees if you are holding for longer periods of time, slowly released in milestones, making this one of the best “buy and hold” structures on the market for native passive income within the platform.

2. Combine Games of Chance and Crypto with Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

When a relatively new coin jumps 6000% since launch, people tend to take notice. While gambling can be seen as a negative vice, Lucky Block helps to empower coin holders with the transparency they deserve when gaming. Lottery tickets can be purchased with LBLOCK tokens and eventually used as chips, recorded in the blockchain system to be visible to everyone. As the price of the coin increases, payouts will be distributed via smart contracts, and the intrinsic value of the token should increase as transactions are underway.

3. Wealth Management at Your Fingertips With Tikka Token (TIKKA)

Tikka focuses on the current Web 3.0 landscape to revolutionize the way you handle your finances, making it possible for users to access this data via blockchain technology. Tikka will be both a coin and an app, created by the pioneering Cube International – well known for its contributions to FinTech globally. Cube is looking to expand its services by moving to a decentralized platform, notably one backed by Ethereum’s protocol, in order to use the token to pay for management fees that retail investors would normally need to cover for the price of accessing professional wealth management tools or financial products.

Demand is currently increasing steadily in Cube’s flagship country of India, managing about 23 million dollars of AUM. Once the portfolio reaches a critical value, the price of TIKKA will be more and more attractive to investors.

4. Expand the Utility of the Blockchain With Chainlink (LINK)

As blockchain becomes more popular, developed, and discussed, the global community is reaching the consensus that integrating the connectivity of the world to the blockchain is of paramount importance. Chainlink is a project that seeks to further the reach of blockchain technology by bringing external data to the network. Smart contracts may eventually be able to surpass their current capabilities. LINK token derives its intrinsic value from the connections made by Chainlink technologies, and the coin should gain more traction on the secondary market at that time as well.

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